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Dan Fogelberg, High Country Snows Full Album 11 [HOT]

A couple of years after the pop hits stopped, Dan Fogelberg took this detour down the bluegrass/traditional acoustic music road. The result is a fine collection of mostly original songs, an album that holds up better than much of his earlier, better-known work. Accompanied by some of Nashville's top studio aces, Fogelberg sings of the California gold rush in the beautiful "Sutter's Mill," accompanies Doc Watson, Jerry Douglas and David Grisman on the instrumental bluegrass workout "Wolf Creek," and leads his all-star group speeding through several other bluegrass-flavored rave-ups. There's a touch of gospel here as well, with Vince Gill and Ricky Skaggs pitching in on vocal harmonies. By the time of this album's release in the mid-'80s, pop radio was no longer playing the music of mellow singer/songwriters like Fogelberg, but the lovely ballad "Go Down Easy" found some airplay on contemporary country stations. Although the set-closing "The Higher You Climb" is a too-long slow drag similar to some of the singer's earlier overblown productions, High Country Snows is a surprising musical high point for Dan Fogelberg.

Dan Fogelberg, High Country Snows full album 11

Full Moon Records was Irving Azoff's label. In the early 1970s, Azoff was running a music bookingagencyin Champaign, Illinois, near his alma mater, the University of Illinois. He had gotten regional band REOSpeedwagon a contract with media giant Columbia, and felt he was ready for the big time. Looking for apotential star that could help him get there, he heard about Peoria-born Dan Fogelberg, a student at U ofI who was singing at coffee houses locally. At a noisy and boisterous frat party at one of the local bars,Azoff found someone who knew Fogelberg, and Azoff sent for him to hear him play. As Fogelberg tookthe stage alone, the bottles kept breaking against the wall, the fights continued, but Azoff heard the starquality through the din and told him that they both were ready for the big time. Azoff moved to Los Angeles, right across the street from David Geffen, who was then setting up shop atAsylum Records. Azoff gave Fogelberg traveling money to join him there, and shopped his demo tapesaround town, finally settling on Columbia for the contract. Full Moon was actually Azoff's production company, and starting with Souvenirs, Fogelberg'ssecond album, the Full Moon logo appeared on Fogelberg's albums as the Epic/Full Moon label. Theoriginal pressings of Souvenirs were on the orange Epic label with a small Full Moon logo, butAzoff quickly had a complete Full Moon/Epic label designed featuring an evergreen tree in theforeground backed by a huge photo of the full moon which took up the entire label. The label most oftenappeared with a blue background and black and white print, but was also issued in orange, peach, aqua,orgrey colors instead of blue. Although the evergreen tree logo remained the Full Moon logo, the FullMoon label was not used for Full Moon issues on other labels.Azoff eventually became manager of the Eagles and Journey under his Front Line managementcompany, and became noted as producer of several hit movies, including Fast Times at RidgemontHigh and Urban Cowboy. In 1983, he became Chairman of the MCA Music EntertainmentGroup, but kept his role as head of Full Moon and Front Line. In 1990, he teamed with Time Warner toform Azoff Entertainment Company. The Full Moon logo was last seen on Warner/Reprise recordsabout 1990, when the Azoff Entertainment Company was formed. Fogelberg's records on FullMoon/Epic continued until the early 1990s.Information contained in this discography came from our personal record collections and other referencematerial. Information about the Full Moon label and Irving Azoff came from the liner notes to the DanFogelberg box set and Frederick Dannen's book Hit Men.We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides NowPublications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listedbelow. We have no association with Full Moon Records. Should you be interested in acquiringalbums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow theinstructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2000 by Mike Callahan.

This is the ninth album released by Dan. 2 out of the 11 tracks in the album made it to the U.S singles Billboard. The songs include Down The Road and Go Down Easy at No. 6. The album itself faired very well on the U.S Album Billboard category with its highest peak at No. 23. High Country was given a 4-star rating by Allmusic; An American online Database that has over 3 million album entries cataloged.


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