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Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Torrent

I have been debating whether or not to buy the nutrition plan through TIU. I have been doing the bikini series and think that the meal planning would help. I just am not sure I will utilize it like I should. Do you think it is worth the $150 investment?

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Torrent

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Is there any specific diet or nutrition plan that should be followed with this 8 week shred? Like the fast and furious 21 day shred was a low carb plan. Any specifics like that you could point me to or just counting macros? Thanks!

Generally, a thorough drenching of the soil at transplant with 150 parts per million of a soluble greenhouse fertilizer, such as 15-2-20, will get the plants off to a good start. Avoid high rates of nitrogen during September and later in April and May, because the plants grow quickly and can stretch in warm weather under high nutrition. (For recommendations on maintenance fertilization, see "Care of Established Beds.")


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