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Ultra Analog Va 2 Crack ((EXCLUSIVE))l

Ultra Analog VA-3 is a two-voice, two-oscillator - bi-filter - plus - effects, analog synthesizer with advanced editing options that achieve a sweet balance between familiarity and flexibility. Ultra Analog VA-3 ships with 1000+ presets taking full advantage of its state-of-the-art analog components.

Ultra Analog Va 2 Crackl


For his first sound pack with AAS, Cipryan Bot took up the formidable challenge of recreating the instruments of the classical orchestra with our analog synthesizer. The result is Analog Orchestra, a fascinating collection of 128 expressive and surprisingly natural-sounding timbres spanning the different families of instruments, including strings, woodwinds, brasses, percussions, pianos and more. You will have a great deal of fun playing with Analog Orchestra, a real sound design feat, showcasing Ultra Analog in a totally new light.

Ultra Analog costs less than Tassman, but it's also rather simpler to use. Where Tassman is a fully-modular creative environment, UA is a 'boot-and-play' affair, though no less inspiring in the right hands. Unlike many software synths of today, Ultra Analog wasn't modelled on any particular hardware synth, but if you think of any two-oscillator analogue synth, you'll get the basic idea. UA is not monophonic like most two-oscillator analogue synths (in fact, it's up to 32-voice polyphonic) but it can be made monophonic if you want to be purist. And though not fully modular, it has modular elements.

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