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Where To Buy Psagot Wine

Located in the Jerusalem mountains, overlooking the primordial landscape of Israel. It all began in a 2,500 year old cave, where a message from the past was revealed to us in the form of an ancient coin where history and legacy come together.

where to buy psagot wine

Our visitor center offers a diverse selection of activities and experiences. Groups and individuals are welcome to enjoy exquisite VIP tours, attend fascinating lectures and seminars, and indulge in a dazzling menu of culinary delights, from cheese plates accompanied by fine wine to full-blown, Argentinian-style feasts.

Our wines are made in a unique process that relies on the latest technological advancements while drawing inspiration from centuries-old winemaking techniques. The winemaking process is conducted in a localized and controlled environment, out of pure love and respect for the fruits of the earth.

The Israeli Psagot Winery was established in the settlement on privately owned Palestinian land; a demolition order (COGAT Order 252/03)[4] was issued by the Israeli authorities against the winery as, even under Israeli law, the Israeli building over privately-owned land was illegal. As of 2019, the order had yet to be enforced.[5]

The Winnipeg Jewish university instructor David Kattenburg won a similar judgement in a Canadian court against the fraudulent branding of settlement wines for export, naming the Psagot products on sale in his country.[31][4][32] In May 2021, the Federal Court of Appeal dismissed a government appeal and ordered CFIA to explain its decision. Kattenburg submitted information to CFIA in September 2021 showing that the Psagot Winery was situated entirely on Palestinian property. In May 13, 2022, the CFIA reaffirmed its original decision.[33]

The Psagot winery was founded in 2003 and has been growing ever since. Planted upon the chalky terraces of the Binyamin region, the Psagot winery and its vineyards are part of a long-established tradition of settlement and winemaking in an area renowned for its exceptional vine-growing conditions.

The quality of the grapes in the Psagot vineyard is truly remarkable, and they are used to create their most robust and aromatic wines. The vineyard is planted upon ancient chalk terraces. Individual shafts were drilled for each and every seedling to facilitate the transplantation process. The vine roots penetrate the rock and are rarely irrigated, which enhances the quality of the grapes.

This helps to create richer, more complex wines, such as their signature single-vineyard wine, harvested exclusively from the Psagot vineyard. The low crop yield of roughly 600 kg per decare, the high altitude at 900 meters above sea level, and the snow that covers the vineyard during the winter provide unparalleled conditions for their Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah varieties.

Sinai is an exceptional and straightforward blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, two complementing varietals. This refreshing, fruity, and balanced wine is characterized by a velvety texture and long finish.

Psagot Shiraz is characterized by a rich, medium body, velvety texture, tones of red and black fruit, aromas of black pepper, a subtle, spicy bouquet, and hints of vanilla to complement the fruit flavors. The wine has a deep plum tint, with a rich, long, spicy finish.

Psagot Edom represents the ultimate marriage of Psagot's incomparable vineyards with the instincts and expertise of winemakers Yaakov Berg and Joshua Hexter. Primarily Cabernet Sauvignon (approximately 75%), this is a firmly-structured red with classic and pure flavors of blackberry, plum and cigar box. With Merlot comprising the balance of the blend, it has a mellow texture in addition to red berry flavors. Over a year in premium French and American oak barrels adds complex vanilla and spice characteristics that bind the elements together. Delicious on its own, Psagot Edom also pairs spectacularly with pasta in a robust meat sauce, braised venison, or grilled eggplant.

Yaakov Berg who was initially trained a a lawyer succumbed to his father's passion and spent time in wineries in Australia and New Zealand. He created Psagot (means peak or summit in Hebrew) in 2003, sourcing the grapes from various locations in and around Psagot. At one point he discovered there was a little cave underground, Yaakov dug it out and it turned out this cave dated from the 2nd temple and was used for winemaking as they found an antique wine press there as well a period coins, one of which being reproduced on each bottle

Psagot's Chardonnay grapes are harvested from vineyards located in the northern Jerusalem Mountains at a height of 750 meters. The vineyards are build on terraces of soft limestone and the vines are planted directly into the limestone bedrock. The wine exudes appealing aromas & flavors of pears, green apples and tropical fruit. Oak influence is mellow, leaving Psagot Chardonnay as a very food-friendly wine perfect with light flavored fish, veal and chicken.

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, from vineyards in the northern mountains of Israel, at 900 meters. Psagot Sinai is a refreshing, fruity, and beautifully balanced wine.The Psagot barrel cellar is located in an ancient cave discovered while establishing the winery. The region has had an abundance of vineyards and wineries since ancient times, whose remnants exist even today. The damp natural conditions and constant temperature facilitate the high-quality aging process of many fragrant and delicious wines.

How has Israeli wine been received by the worldwide market?France, Italy and Spain are internationally recognised for their wines. However, the Eastern Mediterranean region, where Israel is located, benefits from the same environmental factors that result in such excellent wines in Western Europe. Wine drinkers are always searching for the next great viticultural region, and many are now setting their sights on Israel.

The weather, too, is diverse. Although Israel is thought of as a desert area, snow often covers vineyards in both the Golan Heights and the Judean Hills, giving them full dormancy that brings out a complexity of taste in the grape. Overall, the diversity of vineyards and terroir is pronounced across Israel, allowing the country to build a truly broad range of wines.

Psagot Rosé is crisp and refreshing light wine in salmon and onion peels color shade. The wine is aromatic, fruity with a long finish. The wine has aromas and flavors of flowers, citrus fruits, strawberries, peach, pink guava, red berries (raspberries and fresh cranberries)

Psagot is located in the Benjamin mountains. While planting vineyards and orchards an opening was discovered which led the family to an amazing cave from the period of the Second Temple. The cave equates the location with the Biblical city of Ai. A second cave was discovered in which an olive press and wine press from the Second Holy Temple era were uncovered. In the 1980s, the Berg family settled in Psagot. The father, Meir, planted... Learn more about Psagot 360º VIEW Specs SHARE THIS PAGE MULTIMEDIA ASSETS RWC Item#: 35214 UPC: 087752016541 Brand: Psagot Name: CABERNET SAUV PSAGOT MEVUSHAL 750ML Type: Red Style: Dry Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage: 2021 Country: Israel Sub region: Judean Hills Bottle size: 750 ML Bottles per case: 12 Kosher: Kosher For Passover Mevushal: YesKosher certifying agency: OU; Badatz Edah HaChareidis Gluten free: No Vegan: No ABV%: 14.10 DOWNLOAD TECHNICAL SHEET Tasting Note Rich red and dark forest fruits overlayed by vanilla and spices.

Psagot Winery was established in the summer of 2003. The winery's cellar is a cave which keeps an optimal constant temperature with high humidity, making it an ideal environment for the aging of wine.

As we drove up the hill to the winery, we were able to stop for a second and take-in the view. The mountains loomed all around, while we stood on a pedestal in the soaring mountains of Binyamina. Craggy hillsides and soaring peaks surrounded us, perfect green grass beneath our feet, and a gorgeous Nachalat Binyamin visitor center straight ahead of us. The visitor center has recently been completed, and the center can be rented out for a myriad of social events; Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, and weddings, to name a few. As we entered the center, we wanted to stop to take in the sumptuous surroundings. However, there was an event going on at the same time, so we slinked downstairs to the Psagot Winery event and multimedia room. More on that in a moment. The winery, which lies below, was completed in 2009, and the winery moved in shortly thereafter. All of this was completed with investments, into the winery, from silent investors working in combination with the interests of Nachalat Binyamin, who wanted a showcase building for their constituents.

After the video, Josh talked to us about the winery, its history, and his affiliation with it. In 2002, the inaugural year of the winery, the Bergs made some 3500 bottles, since then it has grown to 100,000 bottles. As the new vineyard has taken root, and its bounty improving year by year, the winery is producing higher quality wines, and more and more varietals, as well. We had the chance to taste some seven wines, and they we all very good to exceptional. The winery is clearly embracing the growing trend of Israeli wineries, to keep off the oak in white wines, and to create red wines with more character and elegance, than just the sledge hammer wines of old. The winery is clearly on a upward trajectory, and with the improvements to the winery, the vineyard, and the experiences of the entire staff, we are sure we will all be enjoying the fruits of their labor for many years to come. 041b061a72


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