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Aakhri Muqabla Full Hindi Movie Download Free: Watch the Superhit Action Thriller Online

Aakhri Muqabla Full Hindi Movie Download Free: A Guide for Movie Lovers

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, especially action-packed ones, you might have heard of Aakhri Muqabla. This is a 1988 superhit action movie starring Shashi Kapoor, Suresh Oberoi, Rajan Sippy, Divya Rana, and others. It is directed by Sudesh Issar and produced by Baljinder Kaur and D.D. Singh. It has a gripping plot, a talented cast, and some catchy songs. But where can you watch this movie online for free? Is it legal and safe to download it from the internet? In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will tell you everything you need to know about Aakhri Muqabla, why you should watch it, and how to download it for free.

Aakhri Muqabla full hindi movie download free

What is Aakhri Muqabla?

Aakhri Muqabla is a Hindi movie that was released on 29th July 1988. It is an action thriller that revolves around a doctor who goes missing after a patient dies under his care. His wife and son search for him for years, unaware that he has become a notorious criminal mastermind. Meanwhile, a police officer is assigned to catch him and his gang of smugglers. The movie has many twists and turns that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

The plot of Aakhri Muqabla

The movie begins with Dr. Ravi (Suresh Oberoi), a struggling doctor who falls in love with Tripti (Divya Rana), a rich girl from a wealthy family. Tripti's parents (Shammi and Padmini Kapila) support Ravi and help him set up his own hospital. Ravi spends most of his time at his hospital, neglecting Tripti who gets pregnant with his child. Tripti wants Ravi to spend more time with her, but he is busy with his work. One day, a patient named Ramesh (Rajan Sippy) comes to Ravi's hospital with a gunshot wound. Ravi operates on him and saves his life, but Ramesh dies later due to a drug overdose. Ravi is accused of negligence and malpractice by Ramesh's brother, who is a powerful politician. Ravi is arrested and tortured by the police, who want him to confess that he killed Ramesh. Ravi escapes from the police custody and goes into hiding. He contacts Tripti and tells her to meet him at a secret place. However, when Tripti reaches there, she finds Ravi's dead body. She is shocked and heartbroken, and decides to leave the country with her son.

The movie then shifts to 20 years later, where Tripti's son Raju (Shashi Kapoor) has grown up to be a successful businessman in Dubai. He is engaged to Rita (Swapna), a beautiful girl who loves him dearly. Raju is unaware of his father's past and thinks that he died in an accident. He also does not know that his father is actually alive and has become a notorious criminal named Rajan, who leads a gang of smugglers and drug dealers. Rajan has changed his appearance and identity, and has a loyal aide named Shera (Ranjeet). Rajan is also in love with Mona (Kimi Katkar), a cabaret dancer who works for him.

One day, Raju gets a call from his mother, who tells him that she is coming to Dubai to meet him. Raju is happy and excited to see his mother after a long time. He goes to the airport to receive her, but he is shocked to see that she is accompanied by Inspector Prakash (Shakti Kapoor), who is Rajan's arch-enemy. Prakash is a honest and brave police officer who has been chasing Rajan for years. He has come to Dubai with Tripti to catch Rajan and expose his true identity. Prakash tells Raju that he is his uncle and that he has some important information about his father. Raju is curious and agrees to meet Prakash later.

Meanwhile, Rajan gets the news that Prakash has arrived in Dubai with Tripti. He is furious and decides to kill them both. He sends Shera and his men to attack them at their hotel. However, Prakash manages to fight them off and escapes with Tripti and Raju. Prakash then reveals the truth about Rajan to Raju, who is shocked and devastated. He does not believe that his father is a criminal and wants to meet him personally. Prakash agrees to arrange a meeting between Raju and Rajan, hoping that Raju will convince Rajan to surrender.

However, things do not go as planned, as Rajan refuses to acknowledge Raju as his son and tries to kill him. He also kidnaps Rita and threatens to kill her if Prakash does not stop chasing him. Prakash, Tripti, and Raju team up to rescue Rita and bring Rajan to justice. They face many obstacles and dangers along the way, as Rajan unleashes his wrath on them. The movie reaches a climax when Prakash confronts Rajan at his hideout, where he has kept Rita hostage. A fierce fight ensues between them, which ends with Prakash shooting Rajan in the chest. As Rajan lies dying, he sees Tripti and realizes that she is his wife and that Raju is his son. He apologizes to them for his sins and asks for their forgiveness. He then dies in their arms.

The cast and crew of Aakhri Muqabla

Aakhri Muqabla has an impressive cast of actors who have delivered memorable performances in the movie. Here are some of the main cast members of Aakhri Muqabla:



Shashi Kapoor

Raju / Dr. Ravi / Rajan

Suresh Oberoi

Dr. Ravi / Rajan (young)

Rajan Sippy


Divya Rana


Kimi Katkar


Shakti Kapoor

Inspector Prakash







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