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Easypaisa App Old Version 2018: The Simple and Intuitive Way to Manage Your Money in Pakistan

Easypaisa App Old Version Download 2018: How to Get It and Why You Need It

Do you want to download the old version of easypaisa app from 2018? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to get it and why you might need it. We will also explain what easypaisa app is and what are its features and benefits. So, let's get started.

easypaisa app old version download 2018

What is Easypaisa App and What are Its Features and Benefits

Easypaisa app is a mobile wallet and payment service provider in Pakistan. It was founded in 2009 by Telenor Pakistan. Easypaisa app provides digital payment service through QR code in partnership with Masterpass and is the only GSMA mobile money certified service in Pakistan. The app allows you to transfer money within Pakistan in a quick and intuitive way. You can also order your own easypaisa debit card, recharge your phone, pay utility bills, send gifts, win rewards, cashbacks and enjoy discounts on partner restaurants and shopping.

Easypaisa App is a Mobile Wallet and Payment Service Provider in Pakistan

Easypaisa app is a simple tool that helps you manage your money and payments with your smartphone. You can create an easypaisa account with your mobile number and verify your identity with biometric verification within the app. You can also link your bank account or debit card to your easypaisa account for more convenience. You can use your easypaisa account to send and receive money, pay bills, buy mobile load, shop online, donate to charities, and more. You can also withdraw cash from any easypaisa agent or ATM across Pakistan.

Easypaisa App Offers a Range of Services Such as Money Transfer, Mobile Load, Bill Payment, Savings, Loans, Insurance, and More

Easypaisa app has made your life easy in so many ways. Here are some of the services that you can avail with easypaisa app:

easypaisa apk 2.9.37 android + 5.0 jun 4, 2023

easypaisa apk 2.9.34 android + 5.0 may 14, 2023

easypaisa apk 2.9.33 android + 5.0 apr 20, 2023

easypaisa apk 2.9.32 android + 5.0 apr 1, 2023

easypaisa apk 2.9.31 android + 5.0 mar 4, 2023

easypaisa apk 2.9.30 android + 5.0 feb 27, 2023

easypaisa apk 2.9.29 android + 5.0 feb 7, 2023

easypaisa apk 2.9.28 android + 5.0 jan 19, 2023

easypaisa apk 2.9.26 android + 5.0 jan 17, 2023

easypaisa apk 2.9.24 android + 5.0 jan 25, 2023

easypaisa apk 2.9.23 android + 5.0 nov 17, 2022

easypaisa apk 2.9.22 android + 5.0 nov 3, 2022

easypaisa apk 2.9.21 android + 5.0 oct 24, 2022

easypaisa apk 2.9.20 android + 5.0 oct 1, 2022

easypaisa apk 2.9.19 android + 5.0 sep 24, 2022

easypaisa apk 2.9.18 android + 5.0 sep 22, 2022

easypaisa apk 2.9.17 android + 5.0 sep 10, 2022

easypaisa apk 2.9.14 android + 5.0 aug 20, 2022

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